IPatricia Paramo. born and live in San Diego, California.

P In a quick:
International Business
22 years old
English, Spanish, French (my URL is misspelled, everything was taken!) 
Lived couple months in Paris
Procrastinating perfectionist 

you will find: thoughts&quotes&opinions&ideas&advices&pictures.

from: google, my personal opinion, quotes from random or famous people

i love: google, food, anything w/chocolate, chocolate shakes (no whipcream) bbm, good conversations, feeling loved and cared for, compliments, leggings, free time, blogging (new!), weekends, respect and responsibility. Modeling too. 

favorite people:

i hate: waiting and nothing to do…and jeans!! They are soooo uncomfortable.
I remember one of my roomates never took her jeans off…she could be up until 4 am studying wearing her uncomfortable M

unusual things: I like everything evenly spread on a sandwich so every bite tastes the same. When at a restaurant, I like to sit facing the door on a booth, if possible. Every time I open a drawer or cabinet door, I leave it open…then I stop and look around and everything is opened! Imagine when I cook and I need things from every cabinet/drawer. I do not like odd numbers. I get different cravings all the time. I pick one thing and I want that one thing all the time until I get bored of it and switch to a new craving. Now, as of April 16th I crave hot chocolate from Starbucks (no whipcream) all the time. The weather is getting warmer, (mornings are still a bit chilly) so pretty soon I will switch. Will keep you posted on the switch...

oh and I' very picky about my feet.

i talk too much so when I write...I write too much as well. It is a challenge for me to condense what I want to say....this 'myself' section was obviously not condensed....the next ones would not be as long...promise. 

favorite quote: ‘God answers in 3 ways: he says yes and gives you what you want, he says no and gives you something better, or he says wait and gives you the best.’ –somebody